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Brand: Fire Magic MPN: 3502
Replace your missing cooking grid scraper with this original one that was included with your Fire Magic grill. This Fire Magic grid scraper is for stainless steel cooking grids only. NOTE: Will not work with the new Diamond Sear cooking grids. ..
$13.00 $11.05
Brand: Fire Magic MPN: 3589-22
Lost your keys?   No problem!  We have the replacement door key for all Fire Magic 3589 Premium refrigerators...
$13.00 $11.05
Brand: Fire Magic MPN: 3581
Fire Magic recommends the use of this product to protect your investment! Cuts through grease and food build up and removes most heat stains and water spots. ..
$14.00 $11.90
Brand: Memphis Grill MPN: VGPAN2-12PCS
Box of 8"x8" foil pans. (12) ..
$20.90 $14.00
Brand: Fire Magic MPN: 3585
Fire Magic Grill Cleaner is specifically formulated for use on stainless steel and porcelain finishes. It can be used on the entire grill and is designed to loosen grease and baked-on soil without harming surfaces. Non-toxic. Quart with foaming spray nozzle...
$17.00 $14.45
Brand: Fire Magic MPN: 11089
Lost your keys?   No problem!  We have the replacement door keys for all Fire Magic 3598, 3590A and 3590DR Premium refrigerators...
$22.00 $18.70
Brand: Fire Magic MPN: 3519H
Fire Magic Cooking Grid and  Charcoal Basket Lifter. This accessory included with all Echelon and Black Diamond series Fire Magic grills. ..
$28.00 $23.80
Brand: Fire Magic MPN: 3582-1
Convenient for food preparation at the barbecue, this sturdy Fire Magic board has a drip notch all around to catch the juices and is a great option on Fire Magic portables...
$32.00 $27.20
Brand: Fire Magic MPN: 3035
Fire Magic 24" Stainless Steel Flex Connector (1/2" Outside Diameter). Also comes with 3/8" female pipe and 1/2" female pipe fittings. ..
$36.00 $30.60
Brand: Fire Magic MPN: 1D-S-03
Fire Magic Bottle Holder Pan With Lid..
$37.00 $31.45
Brand: American Outdoor Grill MPN: 3282-AD
AOG Double Side Burner Adapter for Pre-Fab Islands  (3282L/T for DC790)..
$36.00 $32.40
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