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Real Fyre G22 See-Thru Glass Burner Only

Real Fyre G22 See-Thru Glass Burner Only
Real Fyre G22 See-Thru Glass Burner Only

Alternative concepts for the modern fireplace. Our range of stunning options combine efficient design features with contemporary looks that make your hearth an impressive style statement. The Contemporary Collection offers a selection of uniquely captivating styles, including Fyre Gems, Fyre Glass, Diamond Nuggets, Geo Shapes and River Rocks.

      Product Details
      Burner ModelG22 See-Thru ANSI Certifed Glass Burner
      Fireplace LocationIndoor
      Venting TypeVented
      MaterialGlass Media
      Warranty Information
      Burner Warranty10 Year Warranty
      SPK-26 Pilot Kit3 Year Warranty
      Match Lit
      Burner SizeFireplace DimensionDepthHeightBTU's
      G22-GL-1825” Front Width / 19” Rear Width13"16"40,000 (NAT)
      G22-GL-2431” Front Width / 24" Rear Width13"16"55,000 (NAT )
      G22-GL-3037” Front Width / 30" Rear Width13"16"65,000 (NAT )
      With Valve
      G22-GL-1828” Front Width / 21” Rear Width13"16"40,000 (NAT) / 28,000 (LP)
      G22-GL-2434” Front Width / 26" Rear Width13"16"55,000 (NAT) / 40,000 (LP)
      G22-GL-3040” Front Width / 32" Rear Width13"16"65,000 (NAT) / 50,000 (LP)
      Ten Year Warranty
      All Peterson vented burners are warranted for ten (10) years. 
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      • Brand: Real Fyre
      • Model: G22-GL-2

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