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Real Fyre P45 Fyre Burner Only

Real Fyre P45 Fyre Burner Only
Real Fyre P45 Fyre Burner Only
  • Tapered pan design with H-burner creates a dynamic flame pattern
  • Legs to elevate burner pan...(or leave the pan on the floor for more rustic appearance)
  • Multiple control options
Match Lit
Burner SizeFireplace DimensionDepthHeightBTU's
P45-1824” Front Width / 18” Rear Width15"17"43,000 (NAT)
P45-2430” Front Width / 24" Rear Width15"17"65,000 (NAT )
P45-3036” Front Width / 30" Rear Width15"17"84,000 (NAT )
With Valve
P45-1825” Front Width / 19” Rear Width16"17"43,000 (NAT) / 36,000 (LP)
P45-2431” Front Width / 25" Rear Width16"17"65,000 (NAT) / 55,000 (LP)
P45-3037” Front Width / 31" Rear Width16"17"84,000 (NAT) / 70,000 (LP)
Ten Year Warranty
All Peterson vented burners are warranted for ten (10) years. 

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The P45 burner is a one of a kind fyre sphere burner. This is a contemporary alternative to the traditional vented gas logs and glass media burners. The vibrant flame pattern radiates against 4 or 5 fyre spheres adding a unique addition to your fireplace.

Product Details
Burner StyleStandard
Fireplace LocationIndoors
Venting TypeVented
Warranty Information
Burner Warranty10 Year Waranty