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Broilmaster 16-Inch Slide-In Power Burner

Broilmaster 16-Inch Slide-In Power Burner
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Broilmaster 16-Inch Slide-In Power Burner
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  • Brand: Broilmaster
  • Model: BSABW16N

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The Broilmaster 16" Slide-in Power Burner is a high-quality outdoor cooking appliance designed to provide powerful and precise cooking performance.This power burner features a powerful 45,000 BTU heat output, making it ideal for searing and cooking large cuts of meat or boiling water for pasta or seafood. The burner is made of durable stainless steel construction that is built to withstand outdoor elements and provide long-lasting performance.The slide-in design of the burner allows for easy installation into an outdoor kitchen or countertop, providing a convenient and functional cooking space. The burner also includes an electronic ignition system for quick and easy start-up.The cooking grate is made of cast iron, which helps to distribute heat evenly and retain heat for excellent searing and grilling performance. The grate is removable for easy cleaning.Overall, the Broilmaster 16" Slide-in Power Burner is a versatile and efficient outdoor cooking appliance that can provide exceptional performance and convenience to your outdoor cooking experience.

This power burner is shipped configured for natural gas with orifices included for conversion to liquid propane.
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Dimensions15" W x 12-3/4" D x 19" L