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Real Fyre G46 ANSI Certified Burner Only

Real Fyre G46 ANSI Certified Burner Only
Real Fyre G46 ANSI Certified Burner Only

The Real Fyre G46 glowing ember burner system is a high quality ANSI certified burner that creates lively flames, more realistic glowing embers and efficient radiant heat while using less fuel consumption than other burner systems. 

  • Features an H-burner setup with hidden installed controls
  • Uses less BTU’s while still providing a lively flame
  • Compatible with most Real Fyre® log styles
  • ANSI certified models available with multiple factory-installed safety valves
  • ANSI Certified G46 burner with pre assembled control valve & regulator
  • Custom grate
  • Glowing embers
  • Sand (natural gas) or Vermiculite (propane gas)
  • Log locators
  • Connector kit
  • Piezo ignitor
  • Damper clamp
  • Optional remote systems available
Product Details
Burner StyleStandard
Burner TypeGas Logs
Fireplace LocationIndoors
Venting TypeVented
Warranty Information
Burner Warranty10 Year Waranty
SPK-26 Pilot Kit3 Year Warranty
Burner SizeFireplace DimensionDepthHeightBTU's
18/2026” Front Width15"18"40,000 (NAT ) / 40,000 (LP)
2430” Front Width15"18"55,000 (NAT ) / 55,000 (LP)
3036” Front Width15"18"65,000 (NAT ) / 65,000 (LP)
Ten Year Warranty
All Peterson vented burners are warranted for ten (10) years. 

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